HTML stands for (HeperText Markup Language), the main language used to create web pages and other information that can be shown in a browser.
But what is the meaning of HyperText Markup Language?
Hyper: it is the opposite of linear. Old computer programs were linear which means that they had a specific order. But a hyper language like HTML enables the users to go anywhere on the web page at anytime
Text: It is what you're looking at right now. Ebglish charecters used to build up words.
Markup: it is what is done to the text to change the appearance. For example, "marking up" your text with <i> before it and </b> after it with put that text in italic.
Language: It is a language that computers use to understand web pages.
HTML is comprised of elements consisting of tags ( shown by angle brackets like <div> ), within the web page content.
Most of html tags come in pairs like <p> and </p>, however some tags are unpaired like <input>, these tags are called unpaired.